We have our own factory.Direct price with high quality control work team and professional after-sales team! Wenzhou Huanhai Culture Co., Ltd. is a professional craft manufacturer ,specialized in manufacturing of sports medals,lapel pins,challenge coins, keychains,and other metal products.

In spite of we are new here on Alibaba,we have over 20 years' craft making experience. and with completely new and modern production line: Molding, hydraulic pressing, stamping, die-casting, etching, plating and painting or enameling workshops with over 40 highly trained technicians specializing in craft manufacturing working here. Moreover, we possess advanced mold technology and experienced mold designers as well that enable us to continually design and develop new molds to meet customers' special request

Regarding customers, most competitive price and superior quality, prompt delivery and best service are our main target and managing policy. For our employees, we consistently improve their technological knowledge along their career, we established intellectual and skill training programs. The specialty team, the professional service.

We welcome all interested companies to contact us for business discussions, hoping to establish a long-term business relationship for mutual growth and success on the basis of equality. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Hard Enamel this means you will have a smooth surface going from the metal outlines across the colored enamel. These are the best looking designs and most professional. It becomes flat and smooth from the layering of the enamel and a hard buff at the end.
Soft Enamel this will leave the metal outlines raised above the enamel that fills the the colored areas. This is a cheaper and some prefer this look. Another option you could ask your manufacturer for is an epoxy cover over the soft enamel: that will make it smooth but also raised above the entire design. This is a design that many older vintage pins have.Sandblasted and 3D - these designs do not lay any enamel into the design but still maintain recessed areas where it would normally sit. This is an option for very clean and solid designs that do no depend on the colors to set it off. They often can be found as 3D as well, meaning they are not just one level of metal but actually sculpted.
Printed this design has an epoxy layer on top to seal a printed image inside. This is a less used option by most independent creators but it’s perfect for images far too complex to be turned into an enamel pin.
There are other additional options some manufacturers offer at an extra cost.
Screen Printing this is done on top of a hard enamel pin that has a smooth surface.
Numbering - perfect when you are doing a limited run of a design. If you are creating a limited edition design your customers are trusting that you will not be making more of this exact design and exact coloring. The value of these types of limited runs often make the pin worth more in the future especially if your designs become highly sought after. Be good to your audience and do not recreate this exact design if you make a limited edition run.
Back Stamp this is a great chance to put your logo on the back of your pin so that anyone can find you in the future. It is worth the investment and manufacturers often won't charge you again even on other designs for the back stamp because the mold is on file.